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Chiropractors that accept Medicare

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How to find Chiropractors that accept Medicare?

You can find chiropractors that accept Medicare by searching at Medicare.gov Physician Compare. Enter your location (City, State) and the search term "chiropractic" for a list of chiropractors near you. When you scroll through the search results, look for the green checkmark to the right of the Chiropractor's name and address. These chiropractors accept the Medicare-approved amount as full payment for covered services.

Finding Chiropractors that accept Medicare assignment

In other words, chiropractic clinicians with green checkmarks accept Medicare assignments. When you choose chiropractor services from one of these clinicians, you pay less out-of-pocket. Moreover, chiropractors who accept Medicare assignments will not bill you for more than your Medicare deductible and coinsurance.

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How to Find Chiropractors Near Me?

How do I search Medicare.gov to find and compare chiropractors near me?

  • Visit the website

  • Enter your City, State location. For example, Palm Harbor, FL.

  • Enter the search term "Chiropractic" and click the Search button.

When you start typing, Chriopractic specialty appears in a white box below. You can click Chiropractic and be directed to the search results page. If you enter chiropractic directly into the search, you will get a page with heading Specialty related to "Chiropractic." Check the box and click View results button. Then, you can scroll through search results. Look for a chiropractor that accepts Medicare-approved payment. You can click the "Compare clinician" button to add that clinician, and two more. To view your selected clinicians, click the Compare button. Then, you will get a side-by-side comparison of clinicians.

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Side-by-side Comparison of Clinicians

In our example, all three chiropractic clinicians accept Medicare-approved payments. You can now call these chiropractors or print the page for future reference. YM05032107

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