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Does Medicare Cover Physical Therapy in Skilled Nursing Facilities?

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Given certain conditions, you can receive physical therapy to help meet your health goals while under skilled nursing care.
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Mobility can become more of a challenge as we age, and we often find ourselves in need of help to restore physical function. Fortunately for beneficiaries, Medicare includes important coverage for physical therapy in skilled nursing facilities (SNF).

Medicare Part A covers skilled nursing care, including physical therapy, under certain conditions on a short-term basis. You may pay separately for the cost of your stay in an SNF and the cost of physical therapy while there.

Your cost for your stay in an SNF depends on which benefit period you’re in:

  • Days 1-20: $0 coinsurance per day

  • Days 21-100: Up to $194.50 coinsurance per day

  • Days 101+: You pay all costs of your stay

If your doctor determines that you need physical therapy to achieve your health goals while you’re in an SNF, Medicare Part B can help pay for this service.

How Can a Physical Therapist Help Me?

If you need physical therapy while in an SNF, these trained professionals can offer a variety of therapeutic measures.

Starting with a full assessment, a physical therapist can determine other rehabilitation services you might need. Subsequent sessions may include any of the following, depending on your own unique needs:

  • Therapeutic exercises

  • Range of motion exercises

  • Ultrasound, heat treatments, baths

  • Gait training, or repetitious exercises to improve walking ability

  • Maintenance therapy, which may be necessary to treat side effects of certain conditions

While Medicare Part B can help pay some physical therapy costs, a Medigap plan may help fill in some of the coverage gaps. Call Senior Healthcare Direct at 1-833-463-3262, TTY 711, to speak with a licensed agent, or go to SeniorHealthcareDirect.com to get your quote.


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