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Does Medicare Supplement Plan G Cover Chiropractors?

Medicare Bob
Yes! Medicare Supplement Plan G covers chiropractic services when medically necessary to correct spinal subluxation.
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Medicare Bob's Take on Chiropractic Services

Medicare Supplement Plan G may cover the 20% Part B coinsurance for chiropractor services not covered by Original Medicare. Robert Bache says, “Yes, Medicare Part B does cover chiropractic services as long as it is deemed medically necessary.” According to the CMS, Medicare Part B covers 80% of chiropractic services for the “manipulation of the spine if medically necessary to correct a subluxation.” Furthermore, you can go as many times to the chiropractor as long as it’s medically necessary. There is no cap on those visits. Do you have chronic lower back pain? In addition to chiropractic services, Medicare now covers acupuncture to treat your chronic lower back pain. YM08242101


Common Questions about Chiropractic Services

What do Chiropractic services cost with no Medigap plan?

Original Medicare Part B may cover 80% of the cost of chiropractic services. Thus, without a Medigap plan, you pay the remaining 20% every time you use chiropractor services. Furthermore, you pay the Part B deductible of $203 in 2021.

What do Chiropractic services cost with Medicare Plan G?

With Medigap Plan G, you only pay Part B deductible for covered services, and the supplement pays your 20% coinsurance. A chiropractor can bill you for chiropractic services (spinal vertebrae adjustments), and Plan G will cover the cost.

What Chiropractic services does Plan G not cover?

Medigap Plan G pays for approved chiropractic services but does not cover any other services or tests ordered by a chiropractor. For example, Medicare does not cover X-rays ordered by a chiropractor. However, Medicare does cover medically necessary diagnostic X-rays ordered by your primary doctor.

How do I find chiropractors?

Discover how to find chiropractors that accept Medicare and compare chiropractors near you that accept Medicare. Learn how to search Medicare.gov to find and compare chiropractors near you. In this step-by-step How-To guide, you will get detailed instructions.

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